Question: How Do I Claim A Damaged Hermes Parcel?

Asked By: Nathaniel Anderson Date: created: Dec 12 2020

How do I complain about Hermes UK

Answered By: Ronald Robinson Date: created: Dec 15 2020

HERMES COMPLAINTS Give the company’s customer service representatives a call at 0330 333 6556 or send them an email at

They will typically address the complaint within the same working day..

Asked By: Aidan Torres Date: created: Oct 14 2021

How can I speak to Hermes

Answered By: Jake Gonzales Date: created: Oct 14 2021

Calling Hermes. Reach customer service by calling 0330 808 5456. Follow the automated menu system and enter any account or parcel information. Once you get to speak with a customer service representative, you may need to present your package’s tracking number and your Hermes account details to verify your identity.

Asked By: Lawrence Hill Date: created: Feb 28 2021

What does held due to damage mean Hermes

Answered By: Hayden Rivera Date: created: Mar 01 2021

If the item inside is damaged then you would need to be able to return it to the seller in order to get a refund. The seller is responsible for the cost of the return postage. The seller chose to use My Hermes so it is up to them to try and claim for any damage to the parcel en route.

Asked By: Jose Johnson Date: created: Oct 30 2021

Is Hermes cheaper than Royal Mail

Answered By: Clifford Torres Date: created: Oct 30 2021

Hermes. As a popular courier service, Hermes delivery costs are fairly straightforward and just like Royal Mail, they tend to be more cost-effective for businesses sending lighter weight packages. It’s worth noting that there is a 15kg and/or 1.2m parcel limit when using this courier service.

Asked By: John Peterson Date: created: Aug 31 2021

Is Hermes a reliable courier

Answered By: Ryan Coleman Date: created: Sep 03 2021

I find Hermes to be a reliable courier Most the drivers are very helpful and friendly. Obviously, occasionally there is the odd drive who’s not as conscientious as the others.

Asked By: Horace Coleman Date: created: Jan 27 2022

Is Hermes the worst delivery company

Answered By: Christian Murphy Date: created: Jan 30 2022

For in the latest independent survey I’ve seen (of 9,000 users), out of all the nationwide delivery firms in the UK, Hermes came 14th out of the 17 ‘best and worst’ listed.

Asked By: Herbert Rodriguez Date: created: Oct 07 2020

Do Hermes destroy damaged parcels

Answered By: Wallace Watson Date: created: Oct 09 2020

Hi @jackrowbottom, we only destroy parcels that are damaged upon repair. Can you please send us your 16 digit tracking number and full name and full address to; so our customer service team can look into this for you?

Asked By: Jackson Simmons Date: created: Oct 19 2021

What to do if a parcel is damaged

Answered By: Adrian Price Date: created: Oct 21 2021

How to complain if you receive damaged goods in the postContact the retailer with evidence of damage.Returning a damaged item promptly.Confirm payment for returns.Get your money back for missed timed deliveries.

Asked By: Logan Clark Date: created: Oct 21 2021

Is the post office responsible for damaged packages

Answered By: Roger Wright Date: created: Oct 22 2021

USPS: You may file an indemnity claim for insured mail, Collect on Delivery (COD) items, Registered Mail with postal insurance, or Priority Mail Express packages. Each mail service has a different timeframe for filing. If your package arrives damaged or with missing contents, you may file a claim immediately.

Asked By: Adrian Bryant Date: created: Jan 28 2022

Do you have to pay for Hermes to redeliver

Answered By: William Jones Date: created: Jan 31 2022

But Hermes is reassuring customers that it would never ask for payment for redelivery. A spokesperson said: “We’re aware of an ongoing SMS phishing attempt claiming to be Hermes. We would never ask for payment for redelivery and advise our customers to be vigilant.”

Asked By: Alan Nelson Date: created: Jan 03 2022

Is there a Hermes live chat

Answered By: Dominic Clark Date: created: Jan 04 2022

Domestic – UK to UK If you have a question regarding a domestic order, you’ll need to speak to our specialised team. They are available on live chat 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Asked By: Matthew Barnes Date: created: Jan 15 2021

Can Hermes pick up my parcel

Answered By: Jake Moore Date: created: Jan 17 2021

You can drop off your parcels at your nearest drop off location or your friendly local courier can collect them from you.

Asked By: Lucas Long Date: created: Jan 30 2022

Can I claim compensation from Hermes

Answered By: Isaiah Russell Date: created: Jan 31 2022

We offer our assurance that, in the event of a claim, we will make the process as painless as possible. Claims can be made only in the event of the loss or damage of a parcel. We do have a list of items that we cannot carry at all (prohibited items) and a further list of items which we protect for loss, but not damage.

Asked By: Kyle Foster Date: created: Jun 15 2021

How long does it take for Hermes to refund

Answered By: Jeffery Adams Date: created: Jun 17 2021

Refunds will take two working days to process as all refunds have to undergo a process to ensure that no collection took place. You have a maximum of 28 days from the date the order was placed to request a refund. If you have any questions on the above, please contact us prior to sending your parcel.

Asked By: Jesus Lewis Date: created: Nov 23 2021

Who is responsible if a parcel goes missing

Answered By: Carlos Long Date: created: Nov 23 2021

When a parcel goes missing, it’s logical to think the courier company is liable. However, it’s actually the retailer who is responsible for compensating you. While it’s a good idea to contact the courier first, if the parcel is truly lost, you’ll need to take it up with the retailer.

Asked By: Chase Diaz Date: created: Jul 03 2021

Are Hermes calls free

Answered By: Simon Patterson Date: created: Jul 06 2021

Get in touch with Hermes by phone The contact number for Hermes is available directly from their website at no or lower cost. To speak to Hermes on the phone, call 0330 333 6556. Call connection service, Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charge.

Asked By: Richard Mitchell Date: created: Jun 09 2021

How do I get a refund from Hermes

Answered By: Joshua Jones Date: created: Jun 11 2021

You can cancel your order before 10pm on the day you made the booking. The refund will be back in your account in 3 to 5 working days. If you need to cancel your order after 10pm on the day you booked, you can get help to complete your refund from our customer service team.

Asked By: Colin Garcia Date: created: Nov 02 2020

Who is responsible for damaged package

Answered By: Carlos Peterson Date: created: Nov 03 2020

Who is liable for shipping damage? From the simplest standpoint, the carrier has responsibility and liability when they take control of cargo from the seller. The buyer takes responsibility when it signs off on the shipment after delivery by essentially stating the cargo was in good condition when they received it.

Asked By: Sean Taylor Date: created: May 08 2021

What happens if Hermes can’t deliver my parcel

Answered By: Morgan Collins Date: created: May 11 2021

Hermes will make 2 attempts to re-deliver your parcel, remember you can request a neighbour sign for the parcel, or authorise the driver to leave the parcel in a safe place via your My Hermes tracking link. XDP will leave a calling card and notify you via email or SMS for most missed delivery attempts.

Asked By: Hunter Hernandez Date: created: Aug 14 2021

Who is the most reliable courier

Answered By: Gregory Hall Date: created: Aug 16 2021

Ranked: delivery firmsCollectPlus.DPD.Royal Mail.Amazon Logistics.DPD Local.DHL.UPS.FedEx.More items…•Oct 30, 2020

Asked By: Lewis Powell Date: created: Nov 17 2021

How do I speak to a human at Hermes 2020

Answered By: Leonars Anderson Date: created: Nov 20 2021

We have a dedicated phone line to our UK contact centre for customers sending parcels via Hermes: 0330 808 5456. Lines are open 8.30am-4pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-2pm Saturday.

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